Saturday, 9 June 2012

What goes around comes around. That’s the basic rule of our lives and the main essence of this book; with of course lot many other lessons at the reader’s disposal. Now such books have different effect on different people and that’s how it supposed to be. 

In simple words, this novel is about Siddhartha, not Buddha, but a simple man. He showed by way of various instances how flawed is every human being but amidst those flaws, happiness can be found though there are higher goals he could work towards but before realizing that or reaching such goals, one needs to lead a life one is meant to, to experience love, hate, lust, passion, greed, dishonesty, and various others human virtues and vices to eventually realizing the main purpose one should live for or rather die for.

Now there’s always time and place for everything and reading a particular thing at a certain point of life and this book is one of them. Since I mentioned it’s a very individualistic novel, it might not appeal to everyone at every time but it must or shall I say, it should appeal to everyone at some point of time because simply, what can’t be conveyed by Almighty directly can be conveyed indirectly through words of a fellow human being.

It can easily be regarded as a work for human development or their thought process than a work of literature. One can pick it up to answer their unsolved riddles or inescapable dilemmas. It can be your companion sitting royally on the book shelf, always at your service in your hour of need.

For me it’s a Five stars *****

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