Monday, 25 June 2012

Since my copy of if on a winter's night a traveler is on its way, I thought of equipping myself with writings of Italo Calvino. So in the meanwhile I laid my hands upon Invisible Cities. This work of Italo is unadulterated imagination booksonified. It can best be described as the figment of everybody’s imagination. I hope I can safely say for everyone that once in our lives we have imagined a particular world, a particular life where the existence is on our terms and conditions. We are the sole architect of that world where everything is perfect, imperfect, unreal or simply invisible and only we are allowed to see it or live in it. 

While reading this book, the memories of my childhood surfaced where I used to imagine a place where everything is made up of chocolates, (well..ok!! I imagine it today also), a little later, I used to imagine of getting a whole new wardrobe every day. At present I imagine of reading Ulysses in one day, Gravity’s Rainbow another day, assimilating every aspect these books offer to their readers. What else!! Yes…writing an International Bestseller novel in a matter of days, winning Booker Prize and getting a chance to meet my all favorite authors and discussing their books. 

And this one I particularly like...Being the sole survivor when the world ends and starting a whole new civilization the way I want it, where procreation is not the only option of creating a life for human beings(No, I am not a sadist but yes, this book hit me hard in the head). So I hope you got the gist. 

Imagination is like a ship without a shore and the only option it has is to keep on moving. Keep Reading :)

It's a 5 stars for me *****

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