Monday, 2 July 2012

Shantaram is not a book but a way of life. I read it around 2years ago but every word of this epic novel is still vivid in my mind. I remember I had to convince myself to read it as it’s a long book of 900 odd pages, but it had me with first few lines only.

This is the work of semi-fiction revolves around a fugitive convicted in maximum security prison of Australia and as destiny had it, he landed up in Mumbai, which sooner than later became his beloved home. From the world’s largest slums in the world to the dark streets of underworld, the protagonist, Lin, spells a journey for us who gives us an immense idea of how we all are slaves in the hands of love and fate.

Sometimes to appreciate the beauty of our own thing we must watch it by adopting the eyes of a foreigner to appreciate its true essence and beauty. Gregory David Roberts did exactly that for his readers by providing an outside yet very homely view of our beloved India. It will make you feel proud being an Indian what I believe.  The writing is great, gets wobbly at times but forgivable and knowing the fact that the author is not trained writer, one can’t help but appreciate more for his great effort. This is easily one of the best books on my bookshelf with the greatest quotes any book can give.

Definitely one of those books one should read before one dies, it might change your view about life.

***** 5 stars without any qualms.

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