Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: The Old Man and The Sea

Reading this book is like reading one of those lessons from your English school books which you always find boring but nevertheless you need to answer the questions giving at the back of the chapter. From there on you would realize the answers that particular lesson demands are with reference to ideas or experience you never thought about while reading it. So this story is about an Old Man, a sea and his fishing expedition. I became particularly interested in Hemingway after watching Midnight in Paris in which his character is particularly glorified that makes you curious of reading his works.

I heard about his writing style and how brevity is one of its main characteristic and knowing that a book hardly 100 pages long one can easily finish it in a matter of hours but I was not na├»ve enough to complete it that easily. This book requires lots of patience which I somehow lost during the process of reading it. I empathized with the old man and that fish too, I understood what Hemingway is conveying through this work of his, but do I really care? That’s the problem; I couldn’t bring myself to care about either of them in a way that makes this novel readable or enjoyable experience for me.

I am not giving any rating to this book as I’m thinking of reading it again after some years but as of now, it’s nothing more than a short boring book about an Old Man whose senility was not at all endearing but rather pitiful.

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